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Where To Buy Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Do you want instant curb appeal? Standing seam metal roofing has a distinctive look that will complement many home styles. Over 100 colors to choose from. Buy standing seam roofing directly from the manufacturer and save.

where to buy standing seam metal roofing

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There are 3 types of standing seam metal roofing panels and all of them are a concealed fastener system. This means that the fasteners on each metal panel are not visible or exposed to the weather. Concealed fastener panels are more weather-tight and expensive when compared to exposed fastener panels.

This is the most weather-tight style of standing seam metal roofing. It's ideal for very low sloped roofs with a pitch as low as .5" to 1":12". It's a difficult panel to install and is rarely installed by DIY roofers.

Standing seam metal roofing has a flat area in the middle and raised vertical seams at both ends. It's a concealed fastener system, meaning that the fasteners are not visible or exposed to the weather. It's water-tight and long lasting, but it's also an expensive panel system.

A metal roof installation for standing seam panels is a detailed process. To help make it easier, we have created a video series that goes over how to do each step of a standing seam roof installation to guide you through the process.

...a premium standing seam metal roof direct from the manufacturer for do-it-yourself or contractor installation. Permanently rust free, thick aluminum panels snap together with no exposed screw heads to back out or leak over time. With an exceptional warranty, ClickLock is the best standing seam metal roof available.

Since 1980, Isaiah Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of metal roofing. While our products are most commonly used on single-family homes, we have experience with churches, commercial buildings, and multi-family properties. We have done our homework and attained great industry knowledge that you can rely on. Our Customer Support team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring a successful project.

Standing seam roofing is considered one of the most durable and maintenance-free type of metal roofing materials on the market. A standing seam metal roof provides energy reduction benefits without sacrificing style. The clips and screws fasten the panels tightly to prevent leaks and are concealed to give the appearance of a sleek and streamlined finish. In fact, standing seam provides a contemporary, distinctive look that will complement many home styles. This is the most common type of metal roofing used for both commercial and residential. Once installed, its dramatic shadow lines run continuously from ridge to eave, accenting the pitch and plane of every roof angle.

A standing seam metal roof system from Western Metal Deck is one of the most durable and weathertight roof systems available in the industry. So when your design requires a metal roofing system that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound, choose a Western Lock standing seam metal roof system. Available for immediate shipment from our facilities in Ontario, CA. Call for a free quote.

For the best of the best when it comes to metal roofing options, standing seam panels from Metal Sales are a leading choice. These panels feature the same great eco-friendly roofing options with long-lasting durability as any other metal roofing product in our catalog, with the added benefit of enhanced aesthetics and clamp attachments. Standing seam panels take care of the curb appeal problem that traditional metal roofs come with, making them a great choice for residential use.

Standing seam metal roofing is a specific type of concealed fastener metal roof panel. This means that the panels interlock using a clamping system instead of relying on screws to hold everything together. As a result, standing seam metal roofing provides a polished, seamless look that is preferred for residential applications and many commercial builds.

For a one-story house with a basic up and over roof with no penetrations and no valleys, you can expect a 24 gauge steel standing seam metal roof to cost around $12.00 per square foot.

The day your standing seam metal roof is installed is the most important day in the life of your roof. It must be installed using correct metal roofing techniques to truly give you peace of mind. But what does the standing seam metal roof replacement process look like?

The first step to your metal roof replacement is getting all the metal roofing materials delivered to your home. Then your local roofing contractor arrives on the day of your replacement and makes sure all the vehicles are moved out of your driveway or garage.

This is a quick breakdown of what you can expect on the day of your standing seam metal roof replacement. To gain a better understanding of how your new metal roof will be installed, read this article on the 6-step process to install your standing seam metal roof.

The workmanship warranty you get from a contractor covers the installation of your standing seam metal roof. How many years a roofing contractor stands behind their workmanship varies from contractor to contractor.

On the other hand, the material warranty on your standing seam metal roof covers the Kynar 500 painted finish on your metal panels. This painted finish protects your metal panels from the elements and keeps the color you choose from fading.

Your new standing seam metal roof will come with a 30-year paint warranty on the Kynar 500 painted finish. Be aware, scratching or damaging the finish on the panels will expose the fresh steel to dew or moisture in the air, causing them to rust.

To get the most out of your standing seam metal roof investment, you have to hire a great roofing contractor. To help you find one that does things the right way, read this article on the top 8 questions to ask a roofing contractor.

This makes a standing seam metal roof one of the most durable roof types on the market. To learn what affects the lifespan of your new metal roof, read this article on how long a standing seam metal roof will last.

The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has provided beautiful standing seam metal roof replacements to the residents of Nashville since 1990. We provide you an experience rare in the roofing industry with high-quality workmanship, honesty, and a non-pressure sales process.

A snap-together standing seam, concealed fastener roof system, LokSeam is available in both 16" & 18" widths. Offered in a wide variety of colors including metallic, LokSeam is ideal for residential applications as well as commercial projects. LokSeam panels can be installed over open framing or a solid substructure and are capable of transitioning from roof to fascia with the use of a rib cover. LokSeam does not require a solid substructure for support.

For example, a two-story house with a little complexity, good accessibility, and using architectural asphalt shingles costs around $4.76 per square foot. For comparison, you can expect a standing seam metal roof on the same home to be around $15.00 per square foot.

The next con is one of the most asked questions for anyone interested in a standing seam metal roof. This is the noise factor of a standing seam metal roof when it rains.

The last con of a standing seam metal roof has to do with oil canning. Oil canning occurs when installers fasten the standing seam metal panels too tightly together.

The next pro of a standing seam metal roof is the painted finish that protects the metal panels and its warranty. All of the major steel manufacturers apply a painted finish called Kynar 500 to the panels of a standing seam metal roof through a patented process.

The Kynar 500 painted finish protects standing seam metal roof panels from the elements and keeps the color you choose from fading. The Kynar 500 on the metal panels comes with a 30-year paint warranty after the roof is installed.

The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has provided high-quality standing seam installation services to homeowners in Nashville and surrounding Middle Tennessee areas since 1990. We take pride in our metal roofing work and provide a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee on our workmanship.

These standing seam metal roof panels with concealed fasteners provide your customers with superior weather protection and a clean look that lasts. Used for many different applications, LokSeam roofing systems provide a contemporary look that is ideal for residential and commercial buildings.

A roofing permit is required when installing a new metal roof. When the installation is done, an inspector should come to look at the work. A permit can cost between $400 to $1,000 for a roof up to 2,000 square feet. Be sure that the roofing company you choose is licensed and insured.

The total material price depends mainly on the type of metal you choose for your standing seam roof, which can range from $3 to $20 per square foot, or $8 per square foot on average. Steel and aluminum are the most popular because of their lower prices and color availability, while zinc or copper are more durable.

When deciding between a metal roof and asphalt shingles, you should compare both side-by-side to ensure you have the best choice for your home. Asphalt shingles are among the most popular shingles because of their affordable prices, while metal roofing is more expensive upfront. They usually last between 20 and 50 years, depending on the manufacturer, and are versatile, whereas a metal roof will last 40 to 100 years or more.

Standing seam metal roofs require little to no maintenance, but if you install a screw-down metal roof where the fasteners are exposed, the gaskets on the fasteners will dry rot and need to be replaced. Generally, screw-down metal roofs need to be re-screwed every 15 to 20 years.

More standing seam roofs are being installed than ever before. As a roofing contractor, being outfitted with specialty oriented standing seam tools is imperative to quoting jobs. With the right tools, you can beat out competitors quotes by being able to not only do the job faster, but do it better. 041b061a72


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