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How to Convert and Open Models in Multi User Mode with Tekla Structures Multi User Server 2.3 20

this server computer will serve as the first component of the multi-user service. this server computer needs to be running the multi-user service, and each computer needs to be connecting to the server to use the multi-user service. the server computer is responsible for accepting the connection requests for each computer.

tekla structures multi user server 2.3 20


this computer is the master model of the multi-user service. it is the central location for the shared models, and it stores them. each computer connected to the multi-user service must have an exact copy of the master model. the master model is the key to the multi-user service.

tekla structure multi-user service creates a virtual network for the shared models. a virtual network is a software-based virtual network that works as a complete network and is not restricted to a particular vendor or a particular operating system. the virtual network is created with virtual switches, virtual routers, and virtual network adaptors. the virtual network is assigned to each computer in a particular manner. this is done so that all components can communicate with each other. this virtual network is provided by the microsoft windows operating system, the vmware vsphere software, and the virtualization technology within it. in this way, multiple computers can be connected to the same multi-user service.

all shared models must be stored in a local directory. the file share for the shared models is created by the multi-user service automatically. this file share is used as the central location for the shared models. there is one file share for each model. if you are working with a single model, then there is only one file share. if you are working with a shared model and another model, then there is one file share for each model.


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