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Sinamics Starter V4.3.isol

A gas turbine package includes: Gas turbine, enclosure, base frame, air intake, exhaust, lubricating systems, starter system, vibration monitoring system, firefighting system, package ventilation system, instrumentation, gas detection, fuel systems, gearbox (if needed).

Sinamics Starter V4.3.isol

ABB's softstarters increase a motor's lifetime by protecting it from electrical stresses. They do so by letting you optimize starting currents that with conventional starting methods put lots of stress on the motor. With many built-in motor protection features, your motor is safe in its hands. ABB's softstarters are also installation-friendly and can cut your assembly and startup time by being easy to use and easy to learn. With everything that you need in one unit, from bypass contactor to overload protection, a single Softstarter makes for a compact and complete starting solution. Furthermore, with many application specific features, ABB's softstarters can ultimately help you increase productivity. Torque control, pump cleaning and many more features let you do more than simply softstarting.

The efficient rangeThe new generation PSE is a true general purpose softstarter. Its a perfect balance between high starting capacity and cost efficiency. Now featuring built-in fieldbus communication.

The Compact rangeThe PSR softstarter range is a simple yet reliable starting solution that utilizes only the most basic of soft starting features: soft start and stop. It performs well in applications requiring many starts per hour and is perfect for installations where you need to save space.

Pump controllerThe McDonnell & Miller 1575 electronic low water cut-off is designed for use on commercial steam and hot water boilers with pressure ratings up to 250 PSIG. The unit consists of a three-probe water column and electronic control box. The microprocessor-based design is suited for boilers that have a rapidly fluctuating water line as the time delays guard against burner and/or feed pump cycling when the water line is unstable. The onboard feed pump relay is rated for motors up to 1 hp and can be used to energize a motor starter for larger pumps. #43


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