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CCG Toolkit v1.1: Explore the Possibilities of Card Game Development with Unreal Engine

Do you have an idea for a card game that you want to bring to life? Do you want to create a single or multiplayer card game with high-quality graphics, animations, sounds, and effects? Do you want to use a powerful and flexible framework that allows you to customize every aspect of your game? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should check out the CCG Toolkit v1.1, a blueprint-driven card game framework for Unreal Engine.

What is the CCG Toolkit?

The CCG Toolkit is a product created by Aaron Scott, a developer and designer who has been working with Unreal Engine since 2014. The CCG Toolkit is an extensive card game framework that allows developers to create their own single and multiplayer card games in Unreal Engine. Whether you are looking to develop an idea or want to move your existing tabletop card game into the digital space, the CCG Toolkit provides the essential tools, interactions and functionality to see your own card experience come to life fast.

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What are the features of the CCG Toolkit?

The CCG Toolkit has a lot of features that make it easy and fun to create your own card games. Here are some of them:

  • 100% Blueprint Framework: The CCG Toolkit is entirely made with blueprints, which are visual scripting tools that allow you to create logic and gameplay without writing any code. This makes the CCG Toolkit accessible to all experience levels, and also allows you to modify and extend the framework as you wish.

  • Multiplayer Support: The CCG Toolkit supports both local and online multiplayer modes, so you can play your card games with your friends or other players around the world. The CCG Toolkit uses Unreal Engine's built-in networking features, which handle all the communication and synchronization between players.

  • Customizable Card Game AI + Debug UI: The CCG Toolkit includes a customizable card game AI that can play against you or other players. You can adjust the AI's difficulty level, behavior, and strategy using various settings and parameters. You can also use the debug UI to see what the AI is thinking and doing at any time.

  • Highly Customizable Card Creation: The CCG Toolkit allows you to create your own cards and card sets using data tables and structs. You can define various attributes and properties for your cards, such as name, description, type, rarity, cost, health, attack, abilities, and visuals. You can also use custom function libraries and macros to create your own card abilities and effects.

  • Deck Builder: The CCG Toolkit includes a deck builder interface that lets you create, edit, and save custom decks for your card games. You can filter cards by set, type, rarity, or other criteria, and drag and drop them into your deck. You can also use the deck generator to create random decks based on different settings.

  • Card Manager: The CCG Toolkit includes a card manager that handles all the interactions and functionality of the cards in your game. The card manager features interchangeable positioning profiles that allow you to customize how your cards are displayed and arranged on the board. You can also use the in-game card positioning editor to create your own layouts and see how they work in real time.

  • Board Players: The CCG Toolkit includes board players that represent the players or opponents in your game. Board players have health and mana systems that affect their ability to play cards. Board players also have mouse-over card previews that show the details of the cards in their hand or on the board.

  • Turn-Based Gameplay System: The CCG Toolkit includes a turn-based gameplay system that controls the flow and logic of your game. The gameplay system handles the phases of each turn, such as draw, play, attack, end, etc. The gameplay system also handles the win and lose conditions of your game, such as when a player's health reaches zero or when a player runs out of cards.

  • Player and Opponent UI Framework: The CCG Toolkit includes a user interface framework that displays information and feedback for the players or opponents in your game. The UI framework shows the health and mana bars, the card count, the turn timer, the notifications, and the buttons for different actions.

  • Simple Main Menu, Deck Selection, Arena Selection, and Server Selection Menus: The CCG Toolkit includes simple menus that allow you to start and join games, select your deck, choose your arena, and connect to servers. You can use these menus as they are or customize them to fit your game's theme and style.

  • Several Custom Function Libraries: The CCG Toolkit includes several custom function libraries that provide useful and reusable functions for different aspects of your game. For example, you can use the math library to perform calculations and comparisons, the card library to manipulate cards and decks, the ability library to create and execute abilities, and the notification library to display messages and alerts.

  • In-Game Notifications Manager: The CCG Toolkit includes an in-game notifications manager that handles all the messages and alerts that appear on the screen during your game. You can use the notifications manager to inform players of important events, such as when a card is played, when an ability is triggered, when a player takes damage, or when a player wins or loses.

  • 2D and 3D Card Art and Assets: The CCG Toolkit includes 2D and 3D card art and assets that you can use for your own card games. The CCG Toolkit comes with 35+ example cards that showcase different types, rarities, abilities, and effects. The CCG Toolkit also comes with 7 included arenas that provide different environments and backgrounds for your games.

How can I get the CCG Toolkit?

The CCG Toolkit is available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, where you can purchase it for $49.99. You will need Unreal Engine 4.12 or higher to use the CCG Toolkit. You can also join the community on Discord to get support, feedback, and updates from the developer and other users of the CCG Toolkit.


The CCG Toolkit is a powerful and flexible framework that allows you to create your own card games with Unreal Engine. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can use the CCG Toolkit to create single or multiplayer card games with high-quality graphics, animations, sounds, and effects. You can also customize every aspect of your game, from the cards and abilities to the arenas and UI. If you are interested in card game development, you should definitely check out the CCG Toolkit v1.1.


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