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The Last Of Us 1x6

Ipe is the best wood for outdoor application. Period. It is the standard that other wood aspires to be. Our Ipe, Ironwood, Brazilian Walnut (all the same) is only the highest quality. We make an effort to cull any substandard boards prior to shipping. The wood will last for over 70 years even without almost any maintenance. Buy with confidence, this is the best wood.

The Last of Us 1x6

Use our clear cylinder packaging tubes to create attractive product displays, package gifts, and more! These plastic cylinder packaging tubes are made from a durable clear plastic material and they have one sealed end and one open end.

South Pacific Redwood (Manikara or Massaranduba) from southeast Asia is extremely durable and beautiful. This tropical hardwood will last 50+ years making it ideal for outdoor decks and fences. Kiln-dried to minimize shrinkage and warping.

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