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Where To Buy Locust Split Rail Fence ##HOT##

One of the most economical options homeowners often choose for their property is a split rail fence. Some may know these fences by other names such as a log fence, a zigzag fence, worm fence or snake fence due to its layout.

where to buy locust split rail fence

Another highly durable option is a locust split rail fence. Locust split rail is made from the very hard, strong and heavy wood of the black locust tree. This type of wood has a distinct greenish-yellow tint when first cut which deepens to a golden color over time. What distinguishes this wood split rail fence from pine is that it is simply a much heavier and stronger piece of wood that has a very high shock resistance. And just like pressure treated split rail pine, locust wood is extremely resistant to rot, decay and termites.

Our traditional split rail fence is the most popular type of fence on the East Coast and we're one of the largest split rail dealers on the East Coast because of our low pricing, expert and friendly customer service, large inventory and top quality. Split Rail comes either pressure treated or with long lasting locust posts that can be paired with natural (untreated) rails or pressure treated rails. The standard size rails are 11' long for 10' 4" post spacing. We are also one of the only split rail dealers to carry the economical 8' 6" rail for 8' post spacing.

Slip Board Fence is similar to split rail in construction, except it uses milled 1"x6"x10' boards instead of rails for a more finished appearance. The boards "slip" into the posts similar to a split rail. Boards can also be nailed on to the posts (without holes) for a board fence look that you might see on a high end horse farm in Kentucky.

Western Red Cedar split rail is very popular out west but very tough to find in the Mid-Atlantic region because western red cedar doesn't grow in this area. We are one of the only western red cedar split rail dealers in the area and our cedar split rail comes from Idaho. Rails are 10' long for post spacing of exactly 10' since these rails do not overlap like most split rail fence.

Round cedar split rail is made of white cedar from Canada. It is a slightly more refined look than traditional split rail, and comes with 10' rails for post spacing of 9' 6" - 9' 8" to allow for overlap. Our round rails have flat tapered "paddle" ends and fit together similar to traditional split rail.

If you are looking for the timeless and economical beauty of traditonal split rail fence but want something distinctive, round cedar split rail might be a good choice for you. Aging--the wood will turn silver/grey over time and will develop "checks" or cracks along the grain. This is normal and does not affect the longevity of the fence.

Snake Rail Fence is the original "split" rail fence first seen in colonial times and still in use today at historic sites like Gettysburg and Valley Forge Historic Parks. If you want the look and feel of Early America this fence is for you.

Snake rail fence is split or saw cut. The western red cedar rail is split on grain and is 10' long. For the 11' length choose the saw cut pressure treated snake rails. We would be happy to assist you with these special order items.

PVC coated welded wire is perfect for containing dogs and other pets and for keeping out pests. It is extremely durable, attractive and easy to install. Attach it to split rail or board fence with staples or U-nails, or install directly with steel posts.

We, at the Split Rail Store, are one of the leading dealers of split rail in the East Coast. Our large inventory allows us to offer competitive prices. Not only that, we back up our high-quality products with customer service that is nothing short of excellent. Our friendly and expert staff always makes sure that our customers are 100% happy about our work.

If you would like to install traditional split fencing for your yard, you can choose between the pressure treated or natural rails. The standard rail size is 11 feet for a 10 feet 4 inches post spacing.

As opposed to the traditional split rail fencing, the vinyl ranch rail carries a formal, refined look. It has the same purpose as a wood fence except that its glossy white look persists for many years.

Canadian cedar is another type of wood fence that makes for a more formal post and rail fence appearance. Cedar will naturally preserve itself by cracking open somewhat so that it dries out on the inside. We have a supplier that will ship any size order, so the material always looks fresh. This supplier also offers us a wide section of other types of wood fence.

Why choose a split rail fence? No doubt you are familiar with these quaint fences that originally lined rural properties. Split rail fencing offers an economical option for residential wood fences.

More property owners are choosing vinyl split rail fencing for residential and agricultural use. You will also find this fencing referred to as vinyl ranch rail or vinyl post and rail. Why choose vinyl rather than traditional wood?

The two rail split rail fence offers and iconic and rustic look. The rails are timber logs split length wise. Often made from Western Red Cedar or Yellow Pine.

Round rail fences use milled rails rather than split so they leave you with the classic look of a smooth round fence, rather than the rustic look of split rails.

High quality poplar logs offer an economical choice for split rail fencing. Typically poplar split rail will be cheaper than cedar, but not quite as durable. Poplar should be pressure treated with ACQ treatment to maximize durability.

Expect to pay from $15 to $25 per linear foot for installation of split rail fence. The biggest driver of cost will be the type of wood selected for the rails and posts. An additional cost will be if you choose to add wire mesh to your split rail fence.

Black locust is the most durable wood for a split rail fence. Western Red Cedar and Southern Yellow Pine offer a lot of durability and are commonly available. The best choice for a less expensive fence will be pressure treated yellow pine.

Typically a split rail fence will be 48 inches in height. However, local zoning rules in the Columbus Metro Area sometimes limit the height of fences to less than 48 inches. As always, check with your HOA and the local zoning ordinances.

A popular choice for those who appreciate the "rustic" look. Options include 3, 4, or 5 rail fencing and these are available in both locust posts or treated posts with either untreated or treated pine rails.

A late 1800s photograph of the Braun (Brown) family cemetery across the road shows a snake-rail fence in the background, so Rowan Museum (owner of the Old Stone House) feels comfortable that this kind of fence could have been in place.

Choose from a variety of wood and vinyl post and rail styles, including old fashioned split rail, western red cedar split rail, round cedar post and rail, Boston post and rail, vinyl diamond rail and vinyl ranch style post and rail.

American Fence & Flag manufactures most of the wood products it sells. American Fence & Flag offers: solid board, privacy, spaced picket, shadowbox, colonial square picket, split rail, post and rail, and tongue and groove privacy fences. We can also make custom wood fences, depending upon your needs.

Both fences offer a more rustic look to your property. Post and rail is a white cedar product. Both the posts and rails are round, the rails being 10' long. Split rail fence consists of a locust post and an 11' long hardwood rail. The posts and rails are rough cut and squarish in shape.

Split Rail Fencing is a very traditional and aesthetically pleasing. It is popular choice for backyard fencing, as well as in the horse industry. Split rail can be combined with electric or woven wire, this way containing almost any animal. This fencing is known as a very easy to maintain fencing. The split rail fence adds value and beauty to your estate.

L.B. Fencing has the equipment, material and experience for building traditional rail fencing. We are pleased to offer rail fencing for decorative estate fences, dog fences and backyard fences of all kinds. Give us a call, we work with the design you need.

Simple and understated, vinyl or wood post and rail fences provide a natural and rustic look to give landscape definition and beautify your property. We can also add a welded wire or chain link backer for a safe dog enclosure, or pool code compliant fence. All post and rail fences have matching gates of any size and come in either two, three, or four rail styles, for heights ranging from two-and-a-half feet to five feet tall. Post and rail is a popular choice for horse and livestock fencing as well.

Is it blacklocust or honey locust? Black locust is almost bullet-proof outside. Great for fence posts, or split-rail fence rails. Honey locust is considerably softer, but still very hard and stron with nice color and grain. Good choice for furniture.

As mentioned, locust is very durable in exterior use, as fencing for example. It is also excellent firewood, especially for open hearth or campout cooking, as it tends to go to coals quickly, and yields heat for a long time afterwards. Hard on tool edges, but splits well when green.

I recall hearing that locust fenceposts can sprout root and branches. Know of any truth to that?I still hack off the suckers that sprout from a black locust stump that was cut about 7 years ago. At the time I thought it would deteriorate. Now I think it will outlast me.Andy

I have what I think is a locust right in the location where I am planning on building a structure to house a sawmill. It has thorns (2 to 3 inches long and reddish in color) all over it. I know you saw wood also. What are the characteristics of locust for working it, say for furniture? Would you recommend it as a candidate to be milled, or just used for exterior? Also, is it a good candidate for beams for a timber frame construction for an exterior building? Lastly, how do you tell the difference between black locust and honey locust? I've got several of them growing around my property. 041b061a72


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