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Amateur 40 Nudes

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amateur 40 nudes

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Nude photos from 1941 to 1950 were similar to modern erotica. 1940s nudes featured amateur women stripping off of clothes. The typical nudie risqué photo series featured two lesbian women who wore bras and panties, sometimes - stockings. They often sat on chairs or couches. Their tits were exposed; sometimes, they took off their sexy underwear to show their pubic hair. Women's nipples were visible in many classic pictures. Girls loved touching them to make their nipples hard. Sometimes, they played with each other's breasts or went down to licking each other's clits. There were no fake orgasms or faked moaning sounds. In fact, the first nude photos were captured without any close-up views.

13. See Gluck, Orfeo ed Euridice. Gluck’s Orpheus was performed around this time, for example, in Chemnitz (1913), Dresden, Frankfurt (1913), Hellerau (1913), Lauchstedt (1913), London (1905), Mézières (1911), Milan (1907), Munich (1909), New York (1906,10,12), Orange (1911), and Paris (1905, 07, 08, 12, 13). For lists of performances of Gluck’s works in Germany in the first fourteen years of the twentieth century, see Keller. Abert comments on the lack of attention given to Gluck in Germany at the time of the founding of the Gluck Gesellschaft in “Zum Geleit” 1. In a later article, Abert writes that Gluck is no longer “alive: the masses relate to him as Faust would to the bible: they admire him, but without any desire. For many people, not only amateurs but also musicians, Gluck is a long forgotten great.” (“lebendig: Die grosse Masse stellt sich zu ihm, wie etwa Faust zu den Sakramenten: sie ehrt ihn, doch ohne Verlangen; für viele, und zwar nicht allein unter den Laien, sondern auch unter den Musikern, ist er eine längst abgetane Größe”) (Abert, “Gluck” 1). See also “Gluck Orphée.” 041b061a72


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