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Zombie Escape Mod For Cs 1.6 Downloadl |TOP|

When a round has started, a player will be randomly chosen as the Origin zombie which has infinite health. The Host zombie must infect all humans to turn them into zombies (4000HP 5000 HP each). All zombies must prevent the humans from reaching their final destination and infect them all. If the zombies reach the final destination first, the zombies are considered the winner and win the round.

Zombie Escape Mod For Cs 1.6 Downloadl

The humans must escape from the zombies and head for the escape vehicle. Any humans who are late or do not make it in time will be left behind and killed due to the bomb's explosion. In this mode, zombies that have died from headshot will not revive, however, the shooter will not get points for eliminating the zombie.

There is no much to explain. You start as human and have to reach the train to exit the level. 1 of 30 becomes a zombie and tries to convert all of them. If you die by one you will hunt humans down. After certains deaths as zombie you will not be resurrected.

Are you bored facing the same kind of zombie again and again? Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie Plague includes 94 different types of zombies to date. Luckily, it includes special weapons such as infection grenades, napalms...

Many of the ways you've tried Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies are based on Zombie Plague modes. Nemesis, Survivor, Multi Infection, Swarm, Assassin, Armageddon, Raptor, Sniper... At first glance, it won't ring a bell, but when you try it you'll understand why Valve decided to create a special purpose Counter Strike for zombies fans.

Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie Plague has many customization options. You can change the health, speed and other parameters of both humans and zombies as you wish. You can even activate unlimited ammo!

Zombie Plague is a must have download for zombie fans and/or nostalgic ones. You'll have plenty of content thanks to the dozens of enemies and modes included. If you don't like the graphics that much, we recommend the brilliant, though less terrifying, Counter Strike Global Offensive. 350c69d7ab


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