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Similar to previous work that used different measures and therefore slightlydivergent definitions of picky eating, our study found that persistently high pickyeating was more common in girls5and in children with more emotional difficulties.10,27 High andmedium picky eating was associated with lower average BMIz, in the healthy BMIzrange, suggesting that picky eating could be protective against overweight andobesity, as others have proposed.2,8,28 We did not find evidence that picky eating was associated withbeing underweight, which is consistent with previous studies.2,29 However, only a small number of children in this study wereunderweight (BMIz

Children Sexy (144) mp4

This screening tool favors sensitivity at the expense of specificity, resulting in the identification of a high number of false-positive results, consistent with other studies.16,17 This trade-off is acceptable, considering that a failure to identify trafficked persons could result in continued abuse, trafficking, drug abuse, STIs, and possibly even death.5 Subjects with false-positive results, ultimately, underwent more testing, however, which is likely warranted, given the high-risk behaviors the subjects endorsed on their positive screen results. Documentation in the medical record should specifically reflect the endorsed high-risk behaviors instead of sex trafficking to decrease any associated stigma. However, because sex trafficking of children 041b061a72


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