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Inunaki Tunnel | Free Download

Inunaki Tunnel Free Download

Inunaki Tunnel is a horror game based on the urban legend of Inunaki Village, a mysterious and isolated place in Japan where the law does not apply. You play as a journalist who decides to investigate the truth behind the legend, but soon finds yourself trapped in a nightmare of ghosts, cults, and murder. Can you survive and escape from the tunnel?

In this article, we will tell you more about the game, its features, and how to download it for free. We will also give you some tips and tricks to help you beat the game and uncover its secrets.

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What is Inunaki Tunnel?

Inunaki Tunnel is a first-person horror game developed by [Inunaki Studio], an indie game studio from Japan. The game was released in 2022 for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The game is inspired by the real-life Inunaki Tunnel, which is said to be one of the most haunted places in Japan. The tunnel is located near the Inunaki reservoir, in the Miyawaka town of Fukuoka Prefecture. The tunnel was built in 1949 and abandoned in 1975, after a new tunnel was constructed nearby. The tunnel is notorious for being the site of several gruesome murders and suicides, as well as paranormal phenomena.

The game also incorporates the legend of Inunaki Village, which is supposed to be located beyond the tunnel. According to the legend, Inunaki Village is a small and hidden village where the residents do not follow the Japanese constitution or any laws. The village is ruled by a fanatical cult that practices human sacrifice and cannibalism. The village is also haunted by the spirits of the victims and the villagers themselves, who have become twisted and violent. The legend says that anyone who enters the village will never return.

What are the features of Inunaki Tunnel?

Inunaki Tunnel is a game that combines exploration, puzzle-solving, stealth, and survival elements. The game features:

  • A realistic and immersive 3D environment that recreates the atmosphere of the real Inunaki Tunnel and its surroundings.

  • A dynamic and adaptive sound system that reacts to your actions and creates tension and fear.

  • A nonlinear and branching storyline that changes depending on your choices and actions. There are multiple endings and secrets to discover.

  • A variety of enemies and obstacles that will challenge your skills and nerves. You will face ghosts, cultists, traps, puzzles, and more.

  • A limited inventory system that forces you to manage your resources wisely. You will have to find items such as flashlight batteries, keys, notes, weapons, etc.

  • A sanity system that affects your perception and behavior. The more you witness horrifying events, the more your sanity will decrease. If your sanity reaches zero, you will lose control of yourself and succumb to madness.

How to download Inunaki Tunnel for free?

If you are interested in playing Inunaki Tunnel, you can download it for free from [this link]. The game is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The file size is about 1 GB. To install the game, you just need to unzip the file and run the executable file. The game does not require any additional software or registration.

How to play Inunaki Tunnel?

Before you start playing Inunaki Tunnel, we recommend you to adjust the settings according to your preferences. You can change the graphics quality, resolution, sound volume, language, etc. You can also choose between mouse and keyboard or controller input. The game supports both English and Japanese languages.

The game controls are simple and intuitive. You can move with WASD or arrow keys, look around with mouse or right stick, interact with E or X button, use item with Q or Y button, open inventory with I or B button, pause with ESC or START button.

The game has two modes: story mode and challenge mode. In story mode, you can follow the main plot of the game and explore the tunnel and the village. In challenge mode, you can test your skills and endurance in different scenarios and objectives. You can unlock challenge mode after completing story mode.

What are some tips and tricks for Inunaki Tunnel?

Inunaki Tunnel is a game that requires strategy, patience, and courage. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you survive and enjoy the game:

  • Save your game frequently. The game does not have an autosave feature, so you will have to manually save your progress at save points. Save points are marked by red phones that ring when you approach them. You can also use them to call for help or get hints.

  • Conserve your resources. You will have a limited amount of items such as flashlight batteries, health kits, weapons, etc. Use them wisely and only when necessary. You can find more items by exploring the environment and searching containers.

  • Avoid unnecessary fights. You will encounter many enemies in the game, but not all of them can be killed or avoided. Some enemies are invincible and will chase you until you escape or die. Some enemies are stealthy and will ambush you from behind or above. Some enemies are fast and agile and will dodge your attacks. Try to learn the patterns and behaviors of each enemy and choose the best strategy to deal with them.

  • Use your environment. You can use the environment to your advantage in many ways. You can hide in closets, under beds, behind objects, etc. You can also use objects to distract, lure, or trap enemies. For example, you can throw a rock to make noise, set fire to a barrel to create an explosion, or cut a rope to drop a chandelier.

  • Keep your sanity. Your sanity level will affect your gameplay in various ways. The lower your sanity, the more distorted and hallucinatory your vision will become. You will also hear voices, whispers, screams, etc. that will try to confuse or scare you. To restore your sanity, you can use items such as pills, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. You can also find safe rooms where you can rest and calm down.


Inunaki Tunnel is a game that will give you a thrilling and terrifying experience of exploring one of Japan's most haunted places. The game has a rich and intriguing story, a realistic and immersive environment, a dynamic and adaptive sound system, a nonlinear and branching storyline, a variety of enemies and obstacles, a limited inventory system, a sanity system, and two modes of gameplay. If you are a fan of horror games, you should definitely try Inunaki Tunnel.

You can download Inunaki Tunnel for free from [this link]. The game is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The file size is about 1 GB.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!


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