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Cheeni Kum: A Movie That Breaks the Stereotypes of Love and Age

AamansTamizhVsTamil, We have so many songs that we have to give you ideas of whats playing at the moment or playing on the radio or even in the discs and the list is as long as the books list. But we always have to begin with that one very old-timers favourite aamaland theme song. The lyrics are so simple and the tune is inspiring. The only problem was that the song isnt in Tamil. Bhaiji couldnt help it that he can only sing well in Bangla. Ilaiyarajas song has taken quite a few liberties with the words and the tune is a million miles away from what the original has to offer. Aamaland Theme Song, courtesy Saroja

Tamil Hd Movies Full Cheeni Kum

In the early eighties, a few directors brought out Bollywood musicals, and they were pretty terrible. Outside of Abhishek Bachchan (Golmaal, Bhai Ho), all of the main characters were essentially one-dimensional comic reliefs. Thankfully for them, the songs were outstanding! Ilaiyarajas Cheeni Kum is a Hindi remake of a Tamil film called Sadma, and is an homage to the kind of movie Cheeni Kum is. By that, I mean that both are romantic comedies that have a little more to them than, well, the usual romantic comedy, but also get a bit more pathos, if you know what I mean. Every Hindi remake that was worse than the original is sure to be completely different from the original. But not this one!

- Finally, the music by Ilaiyaraaja is simply magical. Now why did I take so long to write about this? Have I not always raved about his music when I have written about his work? Why was it so dull in the last couple of months? I think what went wrong was that I had lost touch with the composer and the songs of his last few movies.


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