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"Walker" Fine Is A Four Letter Word(2021)

So, yes, in a bar, at a bash, or in your own bathtub, belt it out for all I care. You can wash your own mouth out with soap! Our words should be suited to the arenas where we use them. Like it or not, college is a realm where you prepare to be a professional, and your word choices will reflect upon you in that environment. You may even find yourself in some rare writing or discussion scenarios where a well-placed, curse word is the only way to carry across a strong point. But, if the only sentences you can muster are those composed of four-letter expletives, there will be at least one instructor who just might challenge you to hunt for a better word choice.

"Walker" Fine Is a Four Letter Word(2021)

BATTLE: Yes, because we have always survived with not just activism but humor, you know, with song, with dance. When you see people dancing together in spite of the weather, that, to me is resistance. That four-letter word, love, is one of the most powerful concepts in the universe, and that's what he reminds us of in this work. 041b061a72


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