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AtHome Camera 5.0.6

Download AtHome Camera 5 full version program free setup for Windows. AtHome Camera 5 full version standalone offline installer for Windows; it is used to turn your computer/smartphone into a surveillance camera.

AtHome Camera 5.0.6

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AtHome Camera -Home Security is special software that can be used to turn a regular PC, Smartphone, tablet or virtually any other type of device into a surveillance camera. This is a real boon for people who spend a lot of time away from the home and want to make sure that their house as well as their family are safe and sound.

No need to purchase specialized equipment, simply with two phones, you can establish a professional remote surveillance system. Using together with the AtHome Video Streamer, you can easily access your camera in real time from anywhere. It supports all platforms including windows, android, iOS, pad.

AtHome Video Streamer is an ideal android app which allows you to turn your mobile phone into a security camera. It will stream live video from your camera directly to your mobile phone. It behaves just like a standard camcorder. You can easily record and then take pictures with the help of this program. Moreover, AtHome Video Streamer also provides facilities of recording and downloads the recorded video to your mobile phone.

In order to view your recorded videos via your mobile phone, you must have a smartphone with AtHome Video Streaming capability. Since it works just like an internet cam, you do not need any special cameras or receivers. However, in order to record audio, you might need one such receiver. For recording videos, you can either use your computer or smartphone. The most interesting feature of AtHome Video Streamer (AVS) is that it uses your Smartphone's motion sensor to detect movement and automatically starts recording when the sensor's range is crossed by your sight.

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AtHome Video Streamer is an interesting software application that allows a user to convert his or her computer into a live monitoring system. This can be used when one will be away for an extended period of time or if a young child needs to be supervised while a parent is not in the same room. There is no charge to download this virtual camera.

AtHome Video Streamer provides several unique features. The program (and the live feed) can be accessed via a 3G or a 4G wireless connection. Thus, monitoring an environment with the use of a smartphone is a possibility. In the event that motion is detected, the IP camera will alert the user through a push notification. Two-way communications are likewise possible by utilising a built-in microphone and speaker. The camera can be tilted or rotated to focus in on a specific area if necessary. 041b061a72


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