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Can You Buy Street Signs REPACK

Double sided signs that are manufactured from .080" Aluminum, laminated with Retro-Reflective sheeting, and are in compliance with MUTCD standards. Mounting holes can be added to signs but are not required for installation with street name sign brackets.

can you buy street signs

Stronger than Flat Blade Street Signs, MUTCD compliant Extruded Street Signs have a thickness of .080" at the center and .230" thickness at the extruded top and bottom edges. Signs should be mounted with a street name sign bracket.

Novelty Street Signs are NOT for official use. These non-reflective one-sided signs are great for offices, homes, and other wall mounted settings. Signs are digitally printed on .063" thick rust-free aluminum with images and text printed directly onto the sign.

The Sign Sales Program staff are courteous and friendly, and experts in the field of sign manufacturing and installation. You can order signs by mail or email.Download the sign order form to order by mail or email (pdf) Order other official city merchandise from the NYC CityStore.

Chances are the signs you see indoors were purchased, not plucked off the streets. All of your popular options, such as one-way signs, stop signs, and speed limit markers can be purchased on the Parking and Traffic Supply website. Prices range from $10 to $50 dollars, but are manufactured to the same specifications/dimensions as the signs in public.

Aluminum .040 is ideal for basic street signs. Their weatherproof and rigid qualities allow versatility in all settings. Our .040 aluminum is comparable to the thickness of a dime and has rounded corners for safety and a professional appearance. Printed with UV inks, our aluminum is fade resistant to keep your signs vibrant! The aluminum is painted white and coated to minimize corrosion, and will not rust.

Similar to our .040 but thicker. Upgrade to our .063 aluminum thickness for more durability with a more heavy-duty material. This is our recommended option for street signs that do not need to be reflective.

Opt for our 3M official reflective aluminum for high reflective visibility at night. The high visibility reflective surface meets ASTM D4956 Type I standards for non-critical signs. We offer this in both 3M official reflective aluminum thicknesses of .040 and .080. These are also printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading in sunlight and will not rust.

Our 4mm corrugated plastic signs are our most inexpensive option for street signs. Similar to aluminum, these will be printed with UV inks to be fade resistant to sunlight. These are very lightweight and easy to display. They are corrugated so they do not have the completely smooth look of our aluminum, but they are a great value when you need something more temporary for cheap.

**"Ships Next Day" or "Ships in 24 Hours/Tomorrow" refers to business days and applies to orders placed before 4PM CST. Orders after 4PM CST are treated as if placed the next business day. These shipping options only apply within the contiguous United States and includes all products except metal frames, apparel, some marketing materials & tradeshow products, aluminum composite material, orders over 500 quantity signs, and some large accessories.

First things first: no one involved with the Manual of Traffic Signs actually sells traffic signs. This site is intended to provide information on US road and traffic signs, not to sell any actual tangible product. The owner of this site works with many different sign fabricators and vendors, and tries to be as impartial as practical toward all of them.

  • A simple Web search on the terms "traffic signs" or "traffic signs for sale" should turn up a plethora of vendors offering a variety of signs. When looking at each sign vendor's offerings, there are some criteria you may want to use for selection:Retroreflective sheeting type used on the sign

  • Panel thickness, often expressed in decimal inches. For references, many signs used by agencies use a 0.125" panel thickness

  • Shipping and other costs

  • The online auction business has made it easier for individuals to obtain and collect interesting signs from around the world. An easy and simple way to find old road signs online is to go to Ebay or a similar online auction site and do a search on the following keywords:road sign

  • traffic sign

  • highway sign

  • freeway sign

  • traffic signal

  • etc...

In general, signs taken down by public agency forces are still considered public property, and must typically be disposed of through legal means. Policies vary by agency - check with your local public works or transportation agency for details.

In some states, old signs that are taken down by contractors as part of road work become the property of the contractor for their disposal. One could contact these signing contractors directly to see if signs could be purchased from them if state law permits. (Sorry, I don't have any resources or lists on contractors actively involved in sign work at this time - so please don't ask).

Caution! If you do purchase or legally obtain a used sign, enjoy it as a collectible, but please do not use it, place it, or install it as an official sign or traffic control device on or alongside any road or street open to public travel (even if on private property). Without detailed inspection or expensive equipment, there's no way to determine whether the sign meets required retroreflectivity or color standards. This could result in severe liability exposure for the person or organization that posts such a sign should there be a crash or other injury in the area of the sign.

  • Traffic sign theft costs you! Public agencies (and the taxpayers who support these agencies) end up having to pay untold amounts of money every year due to sign theft. These costs result from:Material costs to make new signs

  • Labor and equipment costs when crews have to make special trips to replace signs

  • Liability judgments when road users have been injured or killed due to missing signs

  • In fact, in a number of documented cases, a single stolen sign has resulted in multiple deaths and the prosecution of the sign thieves on felony charges, including manslaughter.It's dangerous.

  • It's selfish.

  • It's illegal.

  • It's wrong.

Due to supply chain shortages related to COVID-19 lead times may be longer than usual. Orders may take 2 - 10 business days to ship. Specialty items such as LED Flashing signs and Roll-Up Signs have extended lead times. If your project is time sensitive please contact us at 800-922-0029 for updated lead times. Learn more about our shipping and return policy.

There are always the same stories in the news about street signs - "teen found with 78 stolen signs," "township left with empty posts for street signs." Street signs are by no means an easy thing to steal, especially if mounted with tamper-proof mounting hardware. Yet they go missing time and time again, and soon the crime of the missing street signs is solved.

With the news full of "stolen street signs," it is no wonder why people think that it is illegal to own one. Contrary to belief, it is 100 percent LEGAL to own street signs as long as they are not stolen property.

Buy them from a town auction or a company that manufactures official signs for public and private use, like Auctions are rare, and you end up bidding against your neighbors for the few signs that are offered. Manufacturers have an unlimited stock of official street signs, and there is much more that they offer than simply that.

Makers of street signs can also customize street signs with your own text, images, or a logo. You can change the font to match your own personal style, or the material color to accent other decorations that you already have in your home.

Both official and custom street signs make great gifts, and the one who receives them will be thinking two things: "Is it legal for me to have my own street signs," and "Wow! I have my own street signs!"

By ordering official signs that use the same materials and meet the same standards, it is very easy for anyone to own their own sign, putting to rest the question of, "Is it legal to own street signs?"

New sign production in the shop begins with large blank aluminum panels that shop workers cut to precise dimensions and then cover with adhesive-backed, reflective sheeting. The wording and images on the blank sign faces are applied by silk screening or computer-imaging lettering equipment. Some signs are overlaid with clear sheeting that is resistant to graffiti. This enables sign crews working in the field to quickly remove graffiti without damaging the sign face. However, this product is very expensive and is used sparingly.

Every day, sign crews remove old and faded traffic signs from City streets and return them to the sign shop. The signs approved for reuse are cleaned and refurbished. These signs are recovered with new reflective sheeting and wording. The signs are inventoried and eventually reinstalled in the field. Damaged signs are similarly collected and sent to an aluminum recycling vendor, who pays the City of San Diego the current market rate for recycled aluminum.

Odd-shaped signs, like Stops, Yields and School signs, are ordered from commercial sign vendors who have the technical equipment required to cut aluminum panels and make the signs. The sign shop orders almost 1,000 signs every month from sign vendors.

Welcome to Street Signs Direct, a leading supplier of street name signs & road name signs. We offer a quick and easy way to buy street signs online, with simple ordering and fast deliveries. Street Signs Direct offer top quality, long-lasting and durable products; including pre-assembled polycarbonate street name signs, aluminium wall mounted road name signs, private road signs and London street name signs. 041b061a72


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