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The tricky part is that the oogle XSBOX go+ has been passed to different people and they all believe that it works. So, lets put some practical tests to see if this is true or not. Firstly, lets see if we can sync our mobiles to the XSBOX go+ to make it the new player to the Android and IOS slates.


The XSBOX GO+ is a very compact and simple device that resembles a small SD card. It is equipped with a microSD slot supporting cards up to 32 GB, which should be enough for you to store your media.

This is a mythological story where physics is firmly believed to work exactly as it is written. The XSBOX Go+ has been tested by theoretical experts and it is set to create a whole new wave of techy gadgets and mostly in reference to cell phones. If this book is a true one, perhaps someday we will find out if this device truly works.

While the XSBOX GO+ is working, the questions that arise is how can they sell this gadget. Do they use it as a media player and how can I track the person who sold it to me? I have placed the IP address and location of the gadget on the oogle store and we will see if the owner comes forward and admits to being the culprit.

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