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[S1E13] She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not [UPDATED]

Eric: 'Godzilla goes to College'? Cory's gonna loves this. He loves monster flicks. Oh he really loved those brownies you brought over too. I mean, uh, you must really like him a lot to do all those nice things for him.Topanga: He's very nice. In a young kind of way.Eric: Um, see that's why you two get along so well because you're young too.Topanga: No. I've done my chart. I have a very old soul.Eric: Uh, yeah, here's a tip for you, Topanga, uh not a lot of guys are gonna be after your soul.

[S1E13] She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

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I really liked how this was an emotionally charged episode that was almost YJ centric. It focused a lot on YJ, it was good to see different sides of Target Number Three, avoiding the one-dimensional evil man. He loves his son and is very proud of him, but he also loves power. Of course, at the end it seems like Target Number Three chooses his son, as it looks like he is commiting suicide to protect YJ.

Pumkin and Toastee decided to convince Brandi C. to turn against Megan and vote her into the box, since, with the Entertainer gone, the secret alliance has nobody else to target, leaving them to go against each other. Brandi is upset at what Pumkin and Toastee are telling her, and tells Megan about their plan. Megan declares war. Megan lies to Whiteboy saying Toastee wants him gone, which Toastee denies. Whiteboy does not know whom to believe. The next day in the vault, Whiteboy does not vote at all, not deciding who is right. Real puts himself in the box in order to get closer to Hoopz. Pumkin, Toastee and Real vote Brandi and Megan into the box. Megan is mad at Whiteboy for not voting at all. Hoopz is being advised to eliminate Megan, in spite of giving her word not to, and ruminates over the issue. Before leaving to go on the power outing, Brandi makes a comment to Pumkin and Toastee about them eating a lot and Pumkin screams at her on the stairwell. Megan overhears the fight, rushes to Brandi's defense and a wild food fight ensues. Hoopz, Whiteboy and Real just stand around, enjoying the fight. On the power outing, the four contestants ride horses on the beach. Real is excited because he loves horses. Brandi C. and Megan are scared because they know Hoopz will eliminate one of them and they try to enjoy their final time together while it lasts. Megan tells Hoopz that they do not belong in the box and Pumkin and Toastee do. Hoopz agrees. On the one on one, she talks to Real. Real says he loves her and feels a deep connection with her. He gets on one knee and proposes to her with a ring he got from Chance earlier. Hoopz is shocked and flattered, but feels awkward since she has a boyfriend back at home. She also does not want to be distracted from her main purpose: winning the money. She does not answer him. Back at the house, Hoopz tells Whiteboy about Real's proposal. Whiteboy finds this absolutely hilarious and can barely keep a straight face when Real enters the room. Hoopz still does not have the answer. Upstairs, Brandi C. cries because she knows she and Megan are about to be separated, and Megan comforts her. At elimination, Pumkin is excited because she is certain either Megan or Brandi will go home, and she gets to gloat. Toastee wants Brandi to go home because she's a "coward and a baby". Before Craig lets Hoopz start giving out checks, Brandi C. tearfully stops him right in the middle of his speech and tells him she wants to quit. Craig gives her a chance to think over this impulse but Brandi is sure. She quits and her check is voided. She hugs Megan and leaves, saying no amount of money is worth more than a friend she will have for life. While everyone seems to think Brandi's decision saves Hoopz the trouble of deciding who will leave, Craig informs them that they have to go back to the vault and vote somebody else into the box since there have to be three people up for elimination. Hoopz retains the privilege to send a person home, which would be shown in the next episode.

Back at the house, Real tells Hoopz that he claims that he heard Whiteboy called Hoopz the b word (which Real has also learned from Chance), and Hoopz is offended and truly believes it. Hoopz, Real, and Whiteboy talk about the issue and Hoopz still does not believe Whiteboy, and Whiteboy feels hurt and accuses Real of setting him up to eliminate him from their "love triangle." In the vault, nobody wants to vote, so they agree to let Hoopz make the decision on who will join Pumkin in the box. Hoopz picks Megan and Whiteboy. On the power outing, the four contenders go on a yacht ride. Hoopz considers getting rid of Pumkin because she went against the alliance and eliminated Chance. Megan thinks she's safe because Hoopz gave her word last episode, but Hoopz says that was one time only. Pumkin and Megan fight about Chance's elimination. On the one on one, Hoopz picks Whiteboy, wanting to find out more about his side of the story. Whiteboy continues to address that he did not do anything and that Real is setting him up. Hoopz tells him she feels hurt about his comment to her earlier in their conversation that she's a stranger to him. Whiteboy apologized to her and thinks he might be in trouble come elimination time. Before elimination, Real prepares a date with Hoopz, bringing Italy to the backyard, and they talk about her decision. Real continues to blather on and on about why he loves her. Hoopz finally understands what's going on. At elimination, the first person Hoopz saves is Megan, telling her that she now knows Megan's a strong competitor because she got second behind Hoopz in the last two challenges, but that she's been loyal. Then Hoopz calls up Whiteboy and tearfully tells him the comment really hurt her, especially when she's been tight with him since the beginning. Hoopz believes Whiteboy did not really say anything bad behind her back and accepts his apology he gave her, and he's safe. Pumkin thought she was safe because Hoopz and her were friends since Flavor of Love, but Hoopz tells her that going against her alliance and sending home Chance was not trustworthy, making it easier for Hoopz to eliminate her and Pumkin gets her check voided. Coincidentally, every VH1 show Pumkin has been on (Flavor of Love and Charm School), she was eliminated on the episode before the finale; this is the third time it's happened. Real is worried because after Hoopz forgave Whiteboy, he feels like a target. Megan is satisfied because she gotten rid of the "disgusting girls."

In the series finale, things come to a beautiful, yet heartbreaking end as Stella and Wes try to figure out the future of their marriage. With Peter recovering from his heart attack and surgery, the family comes together to help him through the process. Upon returning home, he tells the family he wants to get Ida back, and break up with Gina. He realizes how much he truly loves her and wants to create a new future together.

Olivia needs know what kind of information David has uncovered. Thankfully, "Bobblehead" lives. Bobblehead, by the way, is the name Olivia and Huck have for the listening device they placed in David's shelf of collectibles with wobbly oversized noggins. Abby wants all recordings with R-rated material left for her ears only. One of the CD's reveals that David is in possession of the memory card that was used to rig the election. Abby mentions he has a safe in his apartment. She later hears a recording of David saying he loves her while she was asleep.

Abby asks Olivia if she paid David's ex to say that he beat her. The answer is yes. Abby knows Harrison was the payoff man. She's furious, but Harrison makes an impassioned speech declaring that he only did what he did because he's a gladiator just like her. Abby shows up at David's door to say she loves him, too. The two of them spend the night together. David leaves Abby alone in his apartment as he goes off to work. Alissa looks shocked & surprised but happy for her boss when she sees Abby in David's sweater. When Alissa says "Ginge" David reassures Abby that he did not come up with that name. So off to work they go, they have a big case to present to the grand jury. The election rigging scandal is about to go public.

In present day, Fitz tells Mellie that he thought she was the one who tried to have him killed. He now knows that's not the case. He asks his wife if she loves him enough to be by his side. Mellie does love him and she's never left his side. Fitz holds her close. He says they are in this together because he doesn't have anyone else. As for Olivia, she remained alone in a pew at the church after Verna's funeral confused and unsure of what the future will bring.

Arizona asks Teddy about her day, but she's actually not interested. Arizona says she might be having Mark's baby. She explains Callie is pregnant. She loves Callie and Mark has good genes and he's smart. She wants a kid with Callie, but she's not sure she wants Callie's kid with Mark. Before Teddy can say anything, Arizona gets paged.

Meredith approaches Alex and asks him some questions about the procedure. Daniel starts yelling from his room, saying he doesn't want to do this without his wife. Alex tells Daniel that his wife Allison is right here, but Daniel says she's not his wife. He wants Victoria. Meredith comes in and asks who his wife is. He says Victoria. Meredith asks if he knows where she is. Daniel says he doesn't know. Meredith says she'll go find her. She turns to Allison and asks if she knows who Victoria is. Allison says it's the woman he loves.

Mark is yelling at Callie in the exam room for paging him 911 when there's nothing wrong. She can't page him every time she has a feeling. Callie says her body is a hormone casserole and not her own. Something feels wrong. She has a feeling in her metaphorical gut. Lucy gives her a box of tissues. Callie is still worried that Arizona will leave. Mark says Arizona loves her. Callie says Lexie will probably leave Mark. Everything in her life is a disaster and she's scared that she'll do something to mess this baby up. Mark hugs her to comfort her. 041b061a72


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