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Need For Speed: ProStreet [BETTER]

I've absolutely loved this 240 since first playing prostreet back in 2010. I am so happy to see that some one decited to bring it to life, now it makeseems me wonder if someone will recreate the king cars..

Need for Speed: ProStreet

As a handheld game, ProStreet is often at its best when you can quickly dip in to take on a quick event or two, but the restrictive career format often interferes with this. When you realise that you either need to do that extraneous Hydraulics challenge to complete a race day, or retire from it entirely (eradicating the victories that had been registered so far) in order to see what another set of events has to offer, it can be rather frustrating. While it is commendable for a handheld game to aspire to be challenging, the nature of portable gaming shouldn't be ignored and this simply is not a very intelligent or rewarding way of achieving that end.

Need for Speed ProStreet will be available for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system, and Wii as well as the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo DS, PSP (PlayStation Portable) handheld entertainment system, PC and mobile. More information can be found at Press can download assets at

A really good dragster is the Dodge Challenger R/T. The car runs 7.6 seconds in the quarter mile fully upgraded. If you make the rear shocks stiff, the car will stand on the rear end all the way down the track, and will do over 1,000 foot wheelies. If you make the rear shocks soft, you can run 7.6 seconds in the quarter mile and not have to worry about the front end lifting up. Some tuning will be needed, and knowledge of cars will definitely help.

A good dragster is the Nissan 240SX. The first chance you get, choose the 240SX. Put on all the best performance parts you can afford. Remember, you need a lot of speed and traction. After you start setting new track records, you will be invited to race Karol Monroe the Drag King. 041b061a72


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