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Buffalo Ibuffalo Classic Usb Gamepad For Mac \/\/TOP\\\\

So, you are a fan of retro gaming and looking for the original, and best SNES controller for your Windows, Mac, or a custom build Raspberry Pi computer, right? No problem. Here I have filtered the top SNES USB gamepads. Check them and get the perfect classical controller for your gaming needs.

Buffalo Ibuffalo Classic Usb Gamepad For Mac

If you have a gaming console like Genesis, Turbografx-16, NES, SNES, etc. then you will love to have this classic USB gamepad. The Buffalo introduces this fantastic iBuffalo game controller that will provide a real gaming experience compared to the many other dual-analog devices.

This classic SNES gamepad from iNNEXT is a perfect controller for the Windows, Mac, and Raspberry Pi 3 users. It even works well with gaming emulators like NES, SNES9x, Higan, ZSNES, Sega Genesis, RetroArch, etc.

If you are a fan of playing classic old school SNES games, then get this controller device from Kiwitatá. For the games like Mortal Combat 2, Street Fighter 2, Megaman X, Super Mario World, Super Matroid, etc. this SNES gamepad is perfect.

From classic to retro gaming, here you have an option for each kind of gaming controller needs. Retro Power provides this pack in which you will get five different USB gamepads for NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, HyperSpin, Retropie, NeoGeo Emulator, and every other kind of gaming platform.

Vilros is one of the most famous brands for providing quality electronics devices, especially in the field of Raspberry Pi and gaming. Here are the two gamepads set for your NES, SNES, RetroPie, and other gaming consoles and emulators. As they are the first versions, these controllers come with classical designs to fulfill your gaming needs.


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