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Gravy Recipe Using Chicken Wings ((TOP))

The gravy's made with chicken wings, carrots and onions, all roasted to golden deliciousness and then simmered in chicken broth with fresh herbs to draw out all the wonderful "real deal" flavor. It can be made anytime you have a few hours at home. Almost all of it is "hands-off" time, so you can just enjoy the wonderful aroma that fills your home as you tend to other things.

gravy recipe using chicken wings

Which is another wonderful reason for make-ahead gravy. When you grill, smoke or deep fry a turkey you don't get the good turkey drippings, which make for delicious gravy. Sure, you can purchase gravy in a jar at the grocery store or make a quick gravy from chicken broth, but it's nothing like the real thing. This make-ahead gravy is loaded with delicious, real-deal flavor and (if you don't tell), I have a feeling, not a soul will know you didn't labor over the hot turkey pan!

I finished making gravy according to your make ahead recipe this afternoon, and just threw out the recipe I have been using for the last few years. Yours is delicious and superior by far! I did use my homemade chicken stock, which never hurts, and I cut back on the fresh rosemary by half as sometimes it overpowers.Thank you, thank you.

Hi I made my list of ingredients as I want to make this make-ahead gravy for Christmas. Since I don't have the energy I used to have everything I make for Christmas Dinner, except the turkey and cole slaw, needs to be made ahead of time and freezing does not alter the flavor of any recipe. Question: I roast my turkey in the oven and I would like to add the drippings to the made-ahead gravy. Does this make sense to you? Thanks.

I hate to buck the trend of very positive ratings here, but I made this gravy for Thanksgiving, and followed the recipe precisely. Unfortunately, although it looked like a nice gravy, the result was bland and not good at all. I was very unimpressed, especially since it took quite a bit of effort to produce.

Chris, I had already purchased turkey thighs, wings and necks by the time I found this recipe. However, I did follow your directions. My question is: did you get much liquid from roasting the chicken wings (that can be skimmed), before you finished broth in the Dutch oven?I didn't have much liquid from roasting the turkey parts and wondered if I used chicken wings if I would have that to be able to get more flavor. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving Chris,I took your suggestion & used chicken legs & thighs as wings were not available. Made the broth yesterday but will complete the gravy tomorrow. Can't wait to taste the finished gravy. The broth itself is delicious. I've tried many variations of make ahead gravy over the years but this is the best by far. It will be my "go to" from now on. I could not bear to waste all that yummy chicken so I was able to save what I needed for another chili recipe

This gravy was delicious--very flavorful and a smooth texture. I made half a recipe this week to try it out with your make ahead mashed potatoes---equally yummy! I am going to make another batch to freeze for Thanksgiving. I am also making your brioche rolls for the freezer.Now I will only have to worry about the turkey on Thanksgiving morning. I am wondering if I can cook the wings and veggies in a roaster with the lid on instead of roasting on a sheet pan. My oven was a mess afterwards! Thanks!

Hi Chris,I want to make the "make-ahead gravy" for Thanksgiving but I am having trouble finding whole chicken wings in my area. Could I use the drumettes or chicken thighs or a leg/thigh combination? Help! Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

Hi Chris. I am so excited to find this recipe and can't wait to try it. My only problem is my hubby is a huge fan of giblet gravy... Any suggestions as to how I might include them? I'm thinking I might roast the giblets with the turkey then just cut them up and add them when I heat the gravy up. Thoughts?

Hi Candice, I use Trader Joe's low sodium organic chicken broth. I really like the flavor and the pretty color but honestly, I think any good chicken broth would work well here as you're kind of making your own delicious homemade broth with this recipe.

Thank you for all of your great recipes! I've been making this gravy for years with great results. The only thing I do differently is pay the high price for turkey wings because the recipe I've been following all these years called for them. Next year I'll go with the chicken wings. Thanks!

Hi Chris-- I love your recipes and this sounds like another winner. I have just one question. Can you use cornstarch instead of the flour? My traditional turkey gravy I use cornstarch and never have issues with lumps at all.

Hi Scott and Chris!!! Yippee kye oooooooooh!!!! You guys rock! This was one of the best gravy recipes PERIOD! A deliciously velvet gift for the palate! Making this was a pure joy, and the house was filled with the most amazing aroma of herbs and magic! Using a braising pot is absolutely necessary to make the wings cook evenly. The wing meat, carrots, and onions were used to make an awesome risotto afterwards.

GRAVY COLOURRoasting the chicken wings until they are golden will help to give your gravy a nice, dark colour. But if you find that your gravy is too pale, or you want to make it a bit darker, I recommend adding a dash of soy sauce. Slowly add the soy sauce until you have the desired colour, but keep in mind that the soy sauce will also add additional salt (as well as umami flavour) to your gravy.

GLUTEN-FREE GRAVYSimply omit the flour from the recipe, and use cornflour (cornstarch) to thicken the gravy towards the end. The gravy will have slightly different consistency, but it will taste the same.

Hi Fiona,At a pinch, you could use chicken thighs as the bones will still give nice flavour to the gravy. But chicken wings would be my first choice as the cartilage in the chicken wings will give the gravy both richness and body. The cartilage creates gelatin when boiled, and this helps to thicken the gravy. Also, chicken wings have a lot of fat, and fat equals flavour ? Hope this helps!

This was really good! I used boneless chicken breasts and made it in my electric skillet. We ate it with mashed potatoes and fried okra. I forget to use okra and saw your suggestion and made it since I had some in the freezer. Thanks for the recipe.Shon

My husband is a country boy and he loves soul food (my son does too). I do not eat meat! I am always looking for recipes that will make him happy. I found your YouTube page a week ago and I just tried your old fashion chicken. My husband LOVED it! He asked me where in the world did I learn to make chicken like that! Lol. I am so happy I found your blog. I will definitely be making more of your dishes. You are a great chef. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

To bake: Simply place the prepare the recipe in an oven-safe pan, cover with an oven-safe lid or foil and place it in a 425F preheated oven for one hour. Sometimes, I like to bake it uncovered for the final five minutes in order to brown the chicken skin a bit more. this is totally optional.

If cooking on the stovetop, simply cover and cook for 25 to 30 minutes until the thighs are completely done and the gravy becomes smooth and velvety. However, you will need to be stirring at intervals to prevent the chicken from stickng to the bottom of the pan.

The ultimate chicken and gravy, so good you'll be licking your plate! Simple to make and full of flavor to drizzle over your Thanksgiving or festive roasts. An unmissable chicken gravy to smother your perfectly roasted chicken with.

This is our ultimate chicken and gravy, it's so good we just had to share it with you all. It's adaptable and scalable for any sized gathering. Think of all the goodness and nutrition you'll get from the ingredients in this chicken gravy - it's not just delicious! In our opinion it's always better to make more, as you'll definitely be going back for more. Trust us.

This chicken gravy is the best accompaniment to our perfect crispy roast chicken and rosemary roasted potatoes. Whether this is for a traditional English Sunday roast or a scaled back version of your Thanksgiving roast, it doesn't matter. We love how adjustable this gravy is to your needs and we'll give you all the tips for how to make the most of it. Don't forget your appetizers like these brown butter ricotta crostini with prosciutto.

We know you'll love this chicken and gravy recipe as it's exactly what your roast is screaming out for. You'll love it so much that you'll always want to make your gravy this way going forward. Don't forget to leave some love in the comments and rate the recipe!

Tried & tested - we've been making gravy like this for many years. There's a time and place for store bought gravy, we get it, life is busy. But this recipe is great for when you want to turn things up to another level!

Roast chicken tray leftovers - you'll be using roasted veggies that form the base of the gravy along with spare bones. These are from our perfect crispy roast chicken.

The above ratios are approximate and to be used as a guide. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to chicken gravy thickness so you get to choose if you want to reduce the final gravy to make it thicker or not. Or, if you want the chicken gravy thinner, simply add some more water.

Roast the bones - if you'd like a super rich brown chicken gravy, roast the bones with the veggies in a hot oven for 15 minutes to darken everything before continuing with the recipe.

Leftover bones - don't throw chicken bones away after you finish your roast dinner, save them and put them in the freezer to use again at a later date. It's handy to have them on hand if you don't have any from the current roast chicken to use! If using from the current roast, use the wings and drumsticks, you can always reheat the chicken or keep it warm until you're ready to serve everything.


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