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Falling For Vermont

Vermont Business Magazine Average gasoline prices in Vermont and generally across the nation keep falling. The average price in Vermont as of Thursday is $4.57, down 10 cents from last week and down 42 cents in a month. The US average today is $4.42, down 15 cents since last week and down 54 cents in a month.

Falling for Vermont

i want to do a road trip in vermont and i want to do it in the heart of the leaves turning colors. Tell me the best routes you think and i would love to see cheese farms, maple sugar makers. and chocolatiers. If you can recommend the best inns to stay at. thanks

The Catamounts followed that historic season was an arguably better one this past spring, going 12-7 with a 6-0 unbeaten mark in league play. They won the league once more and beat Manhattan in the NCAA play-in game before falling to Maryland in the first round for the second consecutive season.

The incident comes less than 48 hours after another fisherman died after falling through the ice Thursday on Lake Champlain in Grand Isle. The three deaths prompted officials to call off the 43rd annual Islands Ice Fishing Derby, NBC News reported.

Wayne Alexander, 62, of Grand Isle, died Thursday after falling through the ice on Lake Champlain while ice fishing, according to a news release from the state police. His body was found in the water hours after he had been expected to return home, police said. He was pronounced dead at the University of Vermont Medical Center, police said.

The leaves are falling and autumn is calling! Stowe, Vermont is the perfect place to soak up the fall breeze and the autumn leaves. We are lucky to have four seasons in Vermont, but I think we love fall most of all.

Unique Fall ToursEnjoy the beauty of Vermont in with a dog cart tour. The falling leaves, cooler temperatures and scents of fall are the perfect backdrop to this unique experience. 041b061a72


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