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Search results for sniper

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Tuesday morning's fatal shooting, in which the sniper returned to what is considered "home turf" after some experts said he was moving farther afield, seemed to confirm that the bullets themselves have become a perverse form of discourse.

At the same time, news outlets (with some exceptions) began curbing some of the speculation and harsh words for the sniper. After the most recent shooting, at a commuter bus stop yesterday in Rockville, CNN anchors said they would not speculate on the shooter's motives.

While police officials were measured and respectful in their references to the sniper, many of those designated as experts in the news media (some with inflated resumes) were not. Early commentary on this case includes speculation that the sniper is a loser, a coward, a lowlife, or not such a good shot after all.

A low cost and highly accurate sniper detection and localization system uses observations of the shock wave from supersonic bullets to estimate the bullet trajectory, Mach number, and caliber. If available, muzzle blast observations from an unsilenced firearm is used to estimate the exact sniper location along the trajectory. The system utilizes a distributed array of acoustic sensors to detect the leading edge of a projectile's shock wave and the muzzle blast from a firearm. The detection of the shock wave and muzzle blast is used to measure the wave arrival times of each waveform type at the sensors. This time of arrival (TOA) information for the shock wave and blast wave are used to determine the projectile's trajectory and a line of bearing to the origin of the projectile. A very accurate model of the bullet ballistics and acoustic radiation is used which includes bullet deceleration. This allows the use of very flexible acoustic sensor types and placements, since the system can model the bullet's flight, and hence the acoustic observations, over a wide area very accurately. System sensor configurations can be as simple as two small three element tetrahedral microphone arrays on either side of the area to be protected, or six omnidirectional microphones spread over the area to be monitored. Sensor nodes provide information to a Command node via wireless network telemetry or hardwired cables for the Command Node comprising a computer to effect processing and display. 041b061a72


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