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Eastward Crack English

Yellowstone, it seemed to me, was the top of the world, a region of deep lakes anddark timber, canyons and waterfalls. But, beautiful as it is, one might have the senseof confinement there. The skyline in all directions is close at hand, the high wall ofthe woods and deep cleavages of shade. There is a perfect freedom in the mountains,5but it belongs to the eagle and the elk, the badger and the bear. The Kiowas reckonedtheir stature by the distance they could see, and they were bent and blind in thewilderness.Descending eastward, the highland meadows are a stairway to the plain. In Julythe inland slope of the Rockies is luxuriant with flax and buckwheat, stonecrop10and larkspur. The earth unfolds and the limit of the land recedes. Clusters of trees,and animals grazing far in the distance, cause the vision to reach away and wonderto build upon the mind. The sun follows a longer course in the day, and the sky isimmense beyond all comparison. The great billowing clouds that sail upon it areshadows that move upon the grain like water, dividing light. Farther down, in the15land of the Crows and Blackfeet, the plain is yellow. Sweet clover takes hold of thehills and bends upon itself to cover and seal the soil. There the Kiowas paused on theway; they had come to the place where they must change their lives. The sun is athome on the plains. Precisely there does it have the certain character of a god. Whenthe Kiowas came to the land of the Crows, they could see the dark lees of the hills at20dawn across the Bighorn River, the profusion of light on the grain shelves, the oldestdeity ranging after the solstices. Not yet would they veer southward to the caldronof the land that lay below; they must wean their blood from the northern winter andhold the mountains a while longer in their view. . . .A dark mist lay over the Black Hills, and the land was like iron. At the top of a ridge25I caught sight of Devil's Tower upthrust against the gray sky as if in the birth of timethe core of the earth had broken through its crust and the motion of the world was begun.

Eastward crack english

We're eastwardbounds, an intrepid pair of backpackers that place exploration above all else. You'll find us solo trekking the Andes, scouring the internet for that $20 flight, and executing the perfectly light weight pack job. We love meeting people and hate getting ripped off.

Gone with the LooThere are dozens of names for winds that blow through specific regions. Some, like the noreasters that blow from the northeast down the East Coast, are not creatively named. Here are some others:barber: cold, moisture-laden wind that freezes on contact with hair and beards.brickfielder: hot, dry wind that carries enormous amounts of red dust from the deserts of southern Australia.Cape Doctor: cold, dry wind from the southeast that sanitizes the city of Cape Town, South Africa.chinook: warming wind rushing eastward down the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the U.S.Coromuel: strong, warm wind that blows from afternoon to early morning through La Paz, Baja California, Mexico. The wind was named after British sailor Samuel Cromwell, whose name the locals could not pronounce.Hawk: strong, cool breeze blowing westward through Chicago from Lake Michigan.levant: strong winds that blow from the Atlantic Ocean through the narrow Strait of Gibraltar in the western Mediterranean Sea. The Levant, the Mideast region in the eastern Mediterranean, does not experience the levant.Loo: strong, hot summer wind that blows across northern India from the arid deserts to the west, and is only stopped by the arrival of the monsoon. The Loo is such a powerful ecological and cultural force that ice creams and sherbets are consumed to combat Loo-induced fatigue.November witch: hurricane-force winds that develop as cold Arctic air masses meet warm air from the Gulf over the Great Lakes.Pembrokeshire Dangler: area where prevailing winds converge and cause a line of cold rain and snow to dangle north-south across the Irish Sea.Santa Anas: hot, dry winds that blow from the deserts and mountains of inland California to the coast. Santa Anas are often responsible for spreading Southern Californias destructive wildfires, earning them the nickname murder winds.sirocco: wind that reaches hurricane speeds as it crosses the Mediterranean Sea to southern Europe. Siroccos carry tons of dust and sand throughout northern Africa, and contribute to wet weather as they reach Europe.squamish: fast-moving, cold wind that rushes down the narrow fjords of British Columbia, Canada.

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