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Vodafone K3565 Rev 2 Software 16

I have a k3565-rev2 that is no longer supported with latest software,im using xpsp3.I believe 10.3.201 is most up to date that works,can youplease confirm this and provide me with a download.Thanks.

vodafone k3565 rev 2 software 16


I tried using the VMCLite software it comes with (i.e that's stored on the device) and also the latest VMB software and none of these pick up the device even though all the relevant drivers seem to install (it just says device not connected even though it's plugged in and lit up).

If you're running Windows 8 RT then, due to restrictions Microsoft placed on Windows 8 RT, you can't sideways install software. THis prevents thge device drivers from getting installled. If you are uisng Windows 8 RT then a mobile WiFi device or a K5006 would be your options.

im search for idea net settter modem eg162g unlocking software but im not unlock my modem status is 10 attempt is complete but im not search free software for unlockingpls send me any software for unlocked my 10 attempt completing modem is unlockedmy mail id is :-

I bought my E156b in the Philippines and now Im in Belgium and want to use it. I already unlocked my but the software that I have installed is from my initial service provider.Where can I download a connection manager that will allow me to connect with any service provider?

My modem is Vodafone k3565-ZYour tips are awesome. I have never seen such clear instruction for unlocking 3G modem.I got the Huawei modem code writer software from your link . I have a problem. when I click the port detect button, it did not show the port. What should I do ? is there any tips to solve this.( Im using a laptop for this. )

hi,i have a unlocked airtel modem.but in the software that is installed i cannot see the call option.what do i do??if i update the firmware is there a chance of modem getting locked.???please answer me..

I download Huawei modem plus software. and my device unlock within few minuites. I already unlock huawei e1550, when i unlock the speed of surfing was 1-2mbps. but after disconnect next time I got poor speed, Is there any thing like service provider controlling our speed? ans. please.

Hi!I need some help to connect a vodafone usb modem with my raspberry.Are you installed an external library? I'm working with Wheezy and Sakis3g has some issues to connect it..Thanks!

changed to port 80. it's a vodafone sim that works perfectly with the samsung galaxy tab. no access, only via lan. network connection timeout.. i've also tried to change route priority to ppp0, no success.. as the no-ip client sends correctly the ip to their dns servers, the 3G internet connection works.. anyway i've tried to connect directly to the ip shown with ip addr (which is the same that appears after a while issueing a ping to the dns)really strange....

Guys, I'm hoping you can assist. I have loaded the Sakis3g software onto the pi according to the procedure above. When I run the command "sudo ./sakis3g --interactive", the Sakis GUI does not load. I just get a listing of the various options available, as if I called up the help file for the Sakis script. Any idea why this is happening.


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