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How To Change Twitch Title As Mod

A catchy stream title is an easy way to attract new viewers to your Twitch stream. A name that authentically explains your content is likely to capture the attention of those browsing through the channels.

How To Change Twitch Title As Mod

Your title needs to let people know the type of content you will be streaming. It should catch Twitch users interested in the content based on your title and convince them to check it out. For example, if you have an impressive score on a popular game, you could make the game name and your score your stream title. Not only is this type of title unique, but it is pretty self-explanatory.

Once you click on the pencil icon a window will pop up that will allow you to update the Twitch stream info. You'll see a field called "Title" where you can input the new stream title. Once you've written down the new stream title make sure to click the "Update" button in the bottom right corner of the window to save and update the stream. That's it! You have now successfully changed the stream title through Streamlabs.

But what about the big streamers who have basic stream titles like "Getting W's All Day!" or "Chilling on Mario Kart"? How come they can use basic titles and still get viewers? Well, when you're a massively popular streamer you don't need to worry about your title any longer. For the rest of us - every single detail can help someone new discover our channel and we need to leverage every tool and strategy that we can get our hands on. That means making sure you have a solid stream title!

Did you intentionally only enable it for forum topics only, and not blog posts?EDIT: I guess that's obvious from the title, but why? I guess it would be kinda unfair to stuff French's turkey legs box, but, dammit, that man deserves his smoked poultry! (/s.anger, but curious what your logic was. I can see it either way, especially since 99% of the blog posts are from staff writers)

I went with that name instead of just "GOG" (or the older "Good Old Games") since it's how they style themselves. If you visit their site, it's what's on their logo, what's in their page titles. And it's also how they're called on Wikipedia. Steam, on the other hand, just call itself Steam. --Gez (talk) 16:27, 4 June 2017 (UTC)


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