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Mmd Model Download R18 70

the nasa johnson space center station support facility mission capability assessment model (s2f) is a unique tool used to create a detailed scenario of what the station support facility at nasa jsc could look like once complete. the model allows for the modeling of current facility infrastructure as well as the placement of future facility components. subset of the model is available as a stand-alone tool for use on-site to guide design decisions. the model includes a basic graphic user interface that allows for quick and easy access to the spatial data and tool base for the user to manage and analyze resulting data.

Mmd Model Download R18 70

the poms enabler makes it easier to view the most recently available and reliable information from noaa's national climatic data center's global surface climate datasets into mmd's surface animation and visualization capabilities. mmd's cost-effective, real-time to-scale data visualization and animation tools provide users with a bird's-eye view of past, present, and future climate variability. poms is based on a highly-accurate ocean model, coupled with special ensemble output data from weather modeling systems across the united states. this data is then used to provide more accurate information for predictions and forecasting.

the national geospatial-intelligence agency (nga) has been busy at work in the last year and a half, working on a new, hyper-accurate world terrain model (wtm) featuring hundreds of times more geographical detail, options for working with a variety of media and data, and new results when you combine it with various gis applications. nga did a great job preparing this product for the world machine offering, and we are excited to see what it becomes in world machine 3!


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