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Today, we celebrate Terrifying Tuesday! This day will not be terrifying for you however. The only person that might be terrified today is Ryan, as we are handing out $15.00 gift certificates to everyone that places an order with Mission Repair! Yes, this is true! If you place an order with Mission Repair today, you will received a gift certificate to use on your next order with us!


We are giving away only 1500 of these, so if you are contemplating on waiting until tomorrow to get your repair started, you better think again! If you are an online customer, you will be emailed the gift certificate to your provided email address. You will have a special code provided to you and you will enter that in at check out to save $15.00!

Indulge your friends, loved ones, and colleagues with a spa gift certificate to salon. Our gift certificates can be purchased for any spa treatment, service, or product, in any amount, and they never expire. Give them what they love.

If your Mission Mercantile product requires a little tender care or a full-scale repair no one is more eager or better equipped to get the job done than us. To let us know what needs attention, please contact our Shopkeeper at Unfortunately, older Ellington Classic styles (prior to our Ellington Handbags acquisition in 2016) were not handcrafted in our factory, aren't sold on our website and cannot be repaired by us. We no longer have access to the materials, trimmings, and hardware used in the construction of these designs over the past 30 years. Please see explanation in the "Lifetime Guarantee" section found above.

Paper gift certificates are redeemable for catalog orders via phone and mail only. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are unable to offer or redeem paper gift certificates at at this time.To redeem a paper gift certificate, call toll free 1-800-322-0344. Mail orders may be sent to Smithsonian Catalog, 768 North Creek Drive, Suite 200, Willmar, MN 56201-3575. Please include the gift certificate number on the order.

No, Goodwill does not repair or clean items. Before items are placed on the sales floor we assess the quality of donations checking for damaged merchandise and other flaws. We do not sell items that are broken, torn, or soiled. Goodwill used to have a training program that taught people how to repair broken items that were then sold. Our mission model has since changed and we no longer train people to repair items.

Mission Outreach and Service Projects Are Important Parts of the East Rankin Experience.Through their Bible classes, K4-12th students are encouraged to pray, give, and work for local and foreign missions and service projects. ERA provides opportunities for students to participate in service and outreach throughout their school career so that they learn the joy of serving others and sharing the love of Christ. Rather than requiring a certain number of service hours for graduation, the school hopes to teach service and compassion as part of lifelong learning for each student. All kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school students participate in our annual Homecoming Mission Project each year. Through the years, these projects have included sending Bibles to schools in foreign countries, supplies for hurricane victims, care packages for our armed forces, special gift cards to our veterans hospitals, children to Disney World through the "Make-A-Wish Foundation," as well as other special projects for local and foreign needs. Our Homecoming project this school year was raising $5,000 to help with medical expenses for six-year old Kaiden Mann. Our K4-12th student body especially enjoyed having Kaiden join them in the Homecoming Parade and at the Homecoming Pep Rally! All students participate in special community service projects or ministry needs at Christmas. Also, each year, Christmas "happies" are sent by our elementary students to Mexico with our school's mission pastor and his team.Our high school students feed the homeless in the Jackson area on Saturdays, visit local nursing homes each month, and are a part of various local and foreign outreach. There are a variety of outreach projects taken on by different K4-12 classes throughout the year. We are blessed . . . may we always share our blessings with others.


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