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We present

A vision and opportunity for


Bible, prayer and 
mission senter in
Paris - France

There are very few full-time Bible schools in France, almost none, in fact.* In Norway, Sweden, the USA, England, and many other countries, there are numerous such schools. These Bible schools offer young people the opportunity to take a year off from their other studies to receive thorough education in the Bible, providing them with a solid foundation for the rest of their lives.

We want to establish such a school in France, and for that, we need help!

*There are some schools of theology and missionary training schools. But not for those who do not already know the Bible.

Vision & presentation

Europe needs Jesus, and we are witnessing a growing openness to the Gospel. The current state of war, unrest, and economic pressure has led many to seek a deeper understanding of God. For a long time, we have felt called by God to establish a Bible, Prayer, and Mission Center near Paris. We have conducted numerous searches for suitable properties, sought support, and, most importantly, sought God’s guidance and direction.

We believe we have found the right place. This was the very first property we visited a year ago, and we couldn't let it go. The property is still for sale, now at a lower price.


Property Overview

The property is a historic riverside house of 340m², plus a separate 67m² house with two bedrooms, totaling 407m² of living space. It features a beautiful garden sloping gently down to the Seine. The main house retains many original features and, once modernized, will be a fantastic home with a private boat dock on the river and easy access to central Paris by both train and car. The main house can be divided into multiple units, and there are opportunities to add more bedrooms.

Current Layout:

- Main House: 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 WCs, 3 living rooms, 2 offices, dining room, and kitchen. The attic (approximately 60m²) is unfinished but has great potential. Additional features include a wine cellar, storage rooms, 2 garages, a large terrace, and a laundry room. The entire property spans over 4000m², including landscaped gardens with direct access to the Seine. About 2000m² of the garden is at risk of flooding and is therefore classified as non-buildable land. The house, built on non-floodable land, can be extended if needed.

- Separate House: Built in 1950, the 67m² house is connected to the main house and was renovated a few years ago.



- The property is just a 40-minute train ride from central Paris.

Necessary Renovation

The main house requires comprehensive renovation, although it is habitable and can accommodate initial activities. The separate house was updated recently and needs no further upgrades. Immediate needs for the main house include a new kitchen and bathroom renovations. Bedrooms and living areas need thorough cleaning initially.


Potential Upgrades:

- With some remodeling and attic conversion, we can easily increase to 11-14 bedrooms, including a dormitory on the attic level with soundproof pod beds (similar to those used in Asian airports). This could accommodate up to 40 people in the main and separate houses combined.

- The lower part of the property could host camping cabins, classified as temporary structures that do not require building permits. Up to 5 such cabins can be added without affecting the main garden area. The tennis court could also be used for a permanent meeting tent, another temporary installation. This setup could accommodate up to 55 people, provide office space for 5-8 staff members, classrooms for about 20 students, and a tent meeting hall for over 200 people. (The house itself can potentially be extended by up to 20 meters towards the river.)


Cost and Timeline

Purchase Price: €1,100,000

Existing Offer: €950,000 from a developer looking to convert the property into multiple units.


Possession: Immediate for the main house; the separate house is rented until January 2025.


Renovation Costs

Immediate Upgrades:

  - Kitchen in main house: €30,000

  - Bathrooms in main house (x3): €30,000

  - Initial cleaning and painting of main house: €2,000


Additional Upgrades and Remodeling:

  - Attic conversion with 20 pod beds: €25,000

  - Bedroom remodeling: €25,000

  - General refurbishing of living and workspaces: €10,000

  - Pergola over terrace for expanded dining area: €40,000

  - Connection to public sewer system: €20,000

  - Total: €182,000


Renovations will be conducted as a volunteer effort. Our team has extensive experience in the construction industry and previously ran a construction business in Norway.


How You Can Help

Financial Assistance:

We need financial support to realize this vision. There are two ways to help:


1. Loan: A loan for the entire investment amount, repayable as our financial situation improves. Currently, we can manage €3,000 per month, with potential to increase as the facility becomes operational and generates income from missionaries and Bible school students.

2. Donation: A donation of all or part of the investment amount.

Income Potential

Accommodation Revenue:

  - Missionaries (10 people): €4,500 per month

  - Bible School Students (20 people): €10,000 per month

  - Short-term Course Participants (10 people): €1,500 per month

  - Total Monthly Income: €16,000

Annual Revenue Potential: €192,000

Operating Costs and Loan Repayment:

  - 50% for operations and maintenance: €96,000

  - 50% for loan repayment: €96,000


A loan of €1,300,000 could be repaid in approximately 13.5 years (plus interest).


There is also potential to rent rooms to holiday tourists during the summer, which could further enhance income but is not included in the above calculations.

Contact & Help Us

If you can provide financial help or have any questions, please contact us. Together, we can make a significant impact in spreading the Gospel throughout Europe.


Contact information:


+33 681 799 720

+47 902 20 828


Bank transfer:

French account:


FR76 1027 8060 4100 0208 7250 122





Norwegian account:


NO79 1506 12 98921 





Note the payment: Mission base

VIPPS: 531123

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