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The Fire Arrow

Terje Johnsen has seen several prophetic visions over Norway for several years. He has a Facebook group called "Vekteren" where he shares many of the visions he has seen.


A prophetic vision by
Terje Johnsen:

And I saw a large burning arrow coming in from the North Sea towards Norway, near Lindesnes. It was big and burned brightly. From the fire, there came a shower of sparks, like those from a New Year's rocket when it is launched. Then I saw Norway from the air, from south to north and from east to west. And all around the country, I now saw small and large piles of coal. They were scattered throughout Norway. In valleys, cities, and in larger and smaller towns. The description of these coal piles was as follows: Some were completely black with only a little smoke rising from them, others were glowing, some burned with a weak flame, while some burned with sustainable fire. This is a picture of the churches and of each individual Christian. When the burning arrow flew over the country from Lindesnes in the south to Vardø in the north, it rained a shower of sparks across the country from the fire that this arrow burned with. So, when these sparks fell on all these coal piles, the following happened: Some that were completely burned out were immediately set on fire and burned with intense heat. Others that previously burned with a small flame, I experienced seeing burn stronger than they had ever done before. Others, however, could not be ignited or set on fire. They were dead. In this way, the fire spread throughout the country from south to north before the arrow disappeared into the Barents Sea. Then it happened that after this burning arrow had traveled across the whole country: Norway burned with a new and stronger fire than it had ever done before, and much of the darkness had disappeared. God's fire will ignite the churches and His children before the Lord returns. I experienced within myself that this was about the awakening/revival fire of the end times that God would send over Norway, and that there would be no more after this. This is how I experienced seeing this vision, which will bear the mark of true repentance to God. He is full of grace and mercy and desires that all should come to the knowledge of truth and be SAVED.

The fire has two functions. In addition to bringing new life, it burns away what is not pleasing to God, a purifying fire.


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