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This is a booklet written for those who struggle with their own self-image. The booklet can be read in its entirety here, and it can be ordered in the online store for distribution on, for example, the street or other locations.


If you have ever asked yourself this question, if you are good enough?

The answer is - YES!


You are absolutely good enough!


But it's not strange if you have asked yourself this question. Many young people today ask themselves precisely this question, whether they are good enough, accepted, born in the wrong or right body, if anyone really cares about them, if they like the opposite sex or the same sex, or if they are actually loved by anyone at all.


Everyone needs confirmation, and everyone needs encouragement. We are shaped by the people we interact with and the world we live in. Whether we like it or not, we are influenced a lot by school, teachers, friends, our own parents, TV, games, advertising, doctors, politics, etc., and there is a very big difference between whether the attention we receive is positive or negative.


Have you often heard words like - idiot, whore, pig boy, you are boyish, you behave like a girl, you always make mistakes, have you checked if you are ..., why are you different, are you religious, or have you experienced other negative remarks?

If you have heard any of this or something similar, can you say something about what this has done to you?


Have you ever reflected on who the people, what attention, TV games, TV series, or other things that have shaped you?


Have you reflected on what has made you think the way you think about yourself?

Or have you perhaps concluded that it is you who are different? That you don't fit anywhere?


What is perfect?

Who or what would you be if it were perfect?

Are you sure that what you are thinking now is perfect, is actually perfect?


What is true and what is not true?

Are you sure that what you now believe is true, is actually true?

Could it be that you have been tricked into believing something that is not true? That what you believe is true is actually a lie?


Okay, let's do a quick check.

Do you feel good or bad inside?

Do you feel peace and tranquility inside, or do you feel unrest, emptiness, discouragement, self-contempt, or are there other things that bother you?

Have you ever thought that you just want to end it, that you don't want to live anymore?


Reflect on what you have just read.

Give yourself time to think and answer some of these questions before moving on to the next paragraph.


You don't have to answer out loud.

And if everything is just fine, there is nothing better than that.

But if any of this hits you a little or a lot, try to think back on what made this impact you.


There is indeed a key to becoming free, and that key works for absolutely everyone who wants it, but one must want it themselves.


It may be that you enjoy it, to feel sorry for yourself and that it feels safe. Because who will feel sorry for you if not you?


The next paragraph begins now, so have you thought about what you just read? And have you given yourself any answers as to why you think the way you think?




So the important thing is that you understand and accept precisely this - that YOU are good enough!


Because if you yourself do not accept that YOU are who YOU are and that you continue to think about yourself, that you are not good enough, then you will NEVER be good enough in your own eyes and thoughts.


YOU must make a choice about what you think about yourself!


The way He who created you thinks about you is as follows:

That YOU are good enough!

That YOU are created in His image!

He loves you not because of, but despite everything. After all, He created you!


Do you know that there is a God and that He loves you?

If these words make you feel contemptuous and believe that there is no God.


That these words make you angry or sad, yes, then it may be that I have hit the nail on the head with all your problems.

The problems that make you feel empty and unsuccessful...


We humans consist of Body, Soul, and Spirit.

The body is physical. We can touch and feel it. The five senses - taste, smell, hearing, sight, and touch confirm our body.

The soul is our thoughts, dreams, and inner feelings. It is where the emptiness or security in life is felt.

The spirit is what gives life to the soul. It is what fills the emptiness the soul can experience.


When the spirit within us is filled with the right source of life, it gives peace to the soul. And when the soul has peace, then the soul accepts the body and the one it is.


So, what is the right source of life?

The meaning of life is actually to know God.

That's how God created everything and that's how everything was intended, but then the devil became jealous of God and he abducted us humans away from Him.


When all is said and done, there are only two different spirits.

A good one and an evil one.


God's Spirit is good, and the devil's spirit is evil.

So the key to becoming free is to believe that God created you, that He loves you, and that He created you exactly as He wanted you to be.


By believing in God, accepting that He exists, and confessing Him as your heavenly Father, you make room for God's Spirit to dwell within you.

Jesus Christ, who is God's only begotten Son, has made it possible for us to come directly to God.


God is just one simple prayer away.

You can, for example, pray: "God, I pray to you now in the power of the name Jesus. Forgive me for not believing in you before. Now I choose to believe in You, and I ask that Your Spirit fills my inner being with Your Holy Spirit right now. I also ask that my thoughts and feelings be healed now, and that my body be completely healed. I acknowledge that You created me exactly as You wanted me and that You love me. Help me to also find my place and identity in You and in the world I live in. Amen!"


Did you pray this prayer and sincerely give your life to God? Then your name is now written in the book of life in heaven.

By that, it means that all of us who have received God's Spirit in our hearts, and who have made Jesus the Lord of our lives, will one day go to heaven.


This earth will come to an end one day because of the sin that the devil has destroyed the earth and humanity with.

That is why it is very important that we get to know God in order to become part of the heavenly paradise that awaits us.


So this is the meaning of life, to know God!


Everything is not going to be perfect yet.

Yes, God's peace will fill your emptiness, and your soul can find rest. But the earth and the body will still be plagued by the devil's evil spirits and forces until the day the body dies and our soul goes home to God the Father.


You are good enough because God created you!


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